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Annual course of 78 hours (3 ECTS)

Interdisciplinary course dedicated to the study of European Policies for Cultural Heritage, focused on two major areas of study:

a) Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean;

b) European policies and initiatives for the Mediterranean Region.

The course aims to develop knowledge, skills, and generic competences in the areas of Cultural Heritage and History, with an interdisciplinary approach focused on European Studies.
The course is designed for trainees with different backgrounds and aims to contribute to the training of human resources with skills in the areas of cultural heritage management and European Mediterranean studies.

Module Syllabus
Learning Materials (sample)

Teaching team

Sónia Bombico

Archaeology and Mediterranean Cultural Heritage

Evanthia Balla

International Relations and European Studies

Irene Viparelli

Political Science and European Studies

Silvério Rocha e Cunha

International Relations and Political Science